“I Had Slight Reservations About Being an Adult Apprentice” – Here’s What Changed!

Rob Cummings’ Case study

Level 3 Health, Safety & Environment Technician Apprentice

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I liked that I could continue to work and fit the work needed for the apprenticeship in my working day. I wanted to gain new skills and it has made a difference in both my skill set and my knowledge.


When enrolling on the apprenticeship, what level of position were you in?

I started as a Training Coordinator with a little part in health and safety.


Did you have reservations about doing an apprenticeship as an adult? If so, what changed your mind?

Of course at first I had reservations. I am of a certain age that isn’t necessarily what you think of when you hear about apprentices. I’m glad to see it’s not all making brews! Doing the apprenticeship is quite interesting and the course is in bitesize chunks so it stays in the brain more easily.


What have you achieved since starting your apprenticeship? 

I have gained confidence and, more importantly, respect in having the knowledge to comfortably talk about a certain subject.


Has doing the apprenticeship helped you to develop any so called soft skills?

As I am a forklift instructor and used to communicating with others, what this apprenticeship has given me is a more professional approach to communication.


What are your career goals post apprenticeship?

My ambition is to become a health and safety manager, and keep learning.