Asbestos Awareness eLearning for Designers – Compass Skills Training


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This course covers the same subjects as our Category A Asbestos Awareness course with an additional module aimed specifically at architects and designers working with buildings  that may contain asbestos.

It provides information about the legislation governing asbestos in work and outlines the responsibilities of architects and designers.  The course consists of 5 modules (listed below) with questions at the end. You are given the chance to review all your answers at the end of each module before final submission and you will be given 3 attempts at each module to achieve a pass rate of 100%.

Module 1  Properties and Risks of Asbestos Exposure

Module 2  Different Types of Asbestos

Module 3  Avoiding the Risks from Asbestos

Module 4  An Outline of Asbestos Legislation

Module 5  Content for Architects and Designers

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