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Health Surveillance Programmes

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Health surveillance is a scheme of repeated health checks which are used to identify ill health caused by work. Health surveillance is not the same as health monitoring, management referrals, health promotions or health screening. It:

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Health and safety law requires health surveillance when your workers remain exposed to health risks even after you have put controls in place. This is because control measures may not always be reliable, despite appropriate checking, training and maintenance.

Health risks which require health surveillance include noise, vibration and substances hazardous to health. The law requires that health surveillance includes medical surveillance for certain hazards such as asbestos, lead, and ionising radiation.

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Get in touch with us directly to discuss organsing a health surveillance programme.

Health surveillance can be organised at your own site, or employees are also able to attend our clinic in Chorley for their appointment.

Appointments can usually be made in less than 2 weeks, and information can be sent out to each employee attending the appointment in advance.

Reports are issued digitally and are usually ready in less than a week, but can be same day if urgent.

Appointments will be organised annually, and we will get in touch with you at an agreed time to remind you when your next appointments are due.

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The appointment will take approximately 45 minutes

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