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Drugs and Alcohol Screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

The test will take about 15 minutes per person.

You will need to show the Collection Officer photographic identification to confirm your identity and also a list of current and recent medication – prescribed or over the counter.

The Collections Officer will prepare the area. Sealing up outlets and the toilet cistern to ensure that the sample cannot be diluted, signs will be displayed instructing the individual not to flush the toilet afterwards. Special tablets are used to dye the water so any attempts at dilution can be easily identified.  The Collections Officer will ask the individual if they are taking any medication and for their identification and then ask them to remove their coats / jackets and empty their pockets. The Collections Officer will show the individual to the assigned toilet. The Collections Officer will wait outside the cubicle while the individual produces the sample. The sample will then be passed to the Collections Officer who will check the colour and temperature of the sample. The sample will be tested for the specific substances. The results are available instantly.

The urine Point of Care test results are instant. If the sample needs to go to the laboratory for further testing this may take up to 7 days.

In the case of a non-negative urine test for drugs, full chain of custody procedures are followed and the sample is sent to the laboratory for more sensitive tests. IF the individual is taking any prescribed medication this is noted down by the Collection Officer and where necessary it is reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) to ensure that the results are consistent with the declared medication.

This limit is determined by the Company and should be included within their Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

The test covers up to ten most common drugs although additional can be tested if required.