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 Looking at the latest health & safety statistics from the HSE, we can see a slight rise since last year in work related ill health, with stress depression, and anxiety still making up around half of that figure.

The number of workers killed in this period from work related accidents (123) has decreased from 142 in the previous period. This figure correlates with the general downward trend since 1900 regarding work related fatal accidents. However, this figure does not obviously include the 12,000 lung disease deaths each year which are estimated to be connected to past exposure at work (ie asbestos).

To reduce the amount of work related issues, it is important to take note of any work related circumstances that may be affecting employee health. For example, an employee may be attending work regularly but could be showing signs of struggling and it may be the case that some timely changes are all that are required to keep them at work safely and productively. If this sounds familiar you may benefit from booking the employee in to an occupational health management referral with Compass.