Level 4 Engineer Surveyor (Mechanical)

Engineer Surveyors are responsible for inspecting a wide variety of equipment in workplaces such as football stadiums, the space industry, music events, the film industry, dockyards as well as factories, shops, quarries, hospitals and schools.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to keep people safe, by carrying out engineering inspections to ensure safe continued use of the equipment.Engineer Surveyor’s work is ‘hands-on’. This occupation requires practical experience, technical ability, strong customer communication skills and the confidence to make professional judgements.The work carried out by Engineer Surveyor’s is known as a “thorough examinations” and most of the major employers of Engineer Surveyors across the UK cover thorough examination and Inspection on the following classes of equipment:

  • Lift Installations
  • Crane Machinery
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Power Press/Hazardous Machinery
  • Electrical Equipment and Installations
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Most thorough examinations and inspections are undertaken due to a requirement of legislation or code of practice. This includes defect identification, risk analysis and report writing to advise and enable the client to comply with their legal responsibilities, however Engineer Surveyors do not carry out any necessary maintenance work that they identify as needed.

An Engineer Surveyor must be able to carry out all of the core duties listed below and also demonstrate the specialist requirements in ONE of the following job specific roles.

Option 1 Engineer Surveyor (Mechanical) – Will specialise in mechanical plant/equipment/machinery which typically may include pressure vessels, power presses and lifting equipment.

Option 2: Engineer Surveyor (Electrical) – Will specialise in electrical plant/equipment/machinery which typically may include electrical fixed wiring, portable devices and electrical inspections in hazardous areas such as petrol stations.

Intake dates for this apprenticeship are September, January and Easter each year.

Engineer Surveyors responsible for mechanical inspection and testing.

Typically 24 months, excluding End Point Assessment period.

Whilst any entry requirements are at the descretion of individual employers, typical entry requirements for this occupation are a level 3 qualification in a relevant engineering subject and a minimum of 3 year’s experience within a relevant field of Engineering.

This is an apprenticeship so is funded through the Employers apprenticeship account.  To satisfy the ESFA funding rules the following information must be provided by both parties.

Employer to complete

Apprentice to complete (after employer details have been submitted)


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