Level 6 Construction Site Management (degree)


COURSE AWARD(S) Level 6 Degree in Construction Site Management; L6 Diploma in Constriction Site Management; CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme; CITB Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme

DURATION  Typically 36 months, excluding End Point Assessment

SUMMARY  The occupation covered by this standard is that of Construction Site Manager.  Typical job titles can include:  Construction Site Manager, Assistant Construction Site Manager, Site Manager, Sub Agent, Assistant Site Manager or Construction Planner. They are associated with the management of building construction projects and are based on sites or in offices.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP  Learners will join CIOB as a student member and develop their skills to achieve full membership upon completion of their degree.


MODULE 1  Managing Health, Safety & Welfare

MODULE 2   Construction Management & Planning

MODULE 3  Managing People & Teams

MODULE 4  Managing Resources

MODULE 5 Communication, Organisation, Feedback and Improvements

MODULE 6  Project Management (Programme, Quality & Cost)

MODULE 7 Personal and Professional Development

End Point Assessment

INTAKE DATES  Intakes for this programme are in January and September each year.

Individual employers will set their own selection criteria for this apprenticeship.  As it requires achievement to Level 6 the typical entry requirements for this Apprenticeship will be the completion of the Level 4 Construction Technician Standard or equivalent qualifications and / or industry experience.

The main duties and tasks of a Construction Site Manager are:

  • To ensure that safe systems of work are in place on their site and that all staff and operatives on site adhere to those systems and safe standards of behaviour
  • To manage productivity on site so that the project is completed on time
  • To manage the activity on site in a way that adheres to contract and cost constraints
  • To ensure that the site has minimal impact on the environment and local community
  • To manage interfaces between the various stakeholders associated with the site
  • To ensure that the project is completed to the specification and quality demanded by the client

Click here for a full copy of the apprenticeship standard, including the knowledge skills and behaviour that will be met throughout the programme.

£18000 paid via the apprenticeship service account.

Employer contribution £ 900 (only payable by employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy)

Fees do not include professional membership joining and annual costs which should be met through employer contribution.

This is an apprenticeship so is funded through the Employers apprenticeship account.  To satisfy the ESFA funding rules the following information must be provided by both parties.

Employer to complete

Apprentice to complete (after employer details have been submitted)


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