NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma

for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals

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The NEBOSH National Diploma is the most popular and recognised health and safety qualification of its kind. First introduced for health and safety professionals in 1980, over 18,000 learners have completed the various versions since its inception.

This qualification assists in the development of professional competence, increasing your ability to help organisations make sensible and proportionate decisions in order to manage risk, meet business objectives, and meet regulatory and other requirements. Thorough but achievable, the NEBOSH Diploma is designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace. It is a university degree-level qualification to be proud of, which offers a route to Masters-level study.

The qualification covers the practical skills that are essential to health and safety professionals. It assesses a learner’s ability to apply their skills and knowledge and deliver positive change throughout the workplace.

Those who pass the National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals are entitled to use the designatory letters DipNEBOSH.


The qualification is made up of 3 units which must be completed within five years.

Unit DN1: Know – Workplace Health and Safety Principles (UK) – 175 Hours including 40 hours for the assessment.

  • Health and safety regulations; Prosecutions; Enforcement; Civil law; Damages and liability; Occupiers liability; Lawful discrimination; Insurers
  • Organisational structures; Leadership; Consultation; Health and safety culture / Behavioural change programmes; Traditional and proactive safety management; Risk perception; Human failures and factors / Improving human reliability
  • Competence, training, information and supervision; High reliability organisations
  • Hazard identification techniques; Managing health and safety risks; Risk management
  • Loss causation / Quantitative analysis of data; Measuring and monitoring
  • Professional skills
  • Societal factors; Corporate social responsibility; Organisation change
  • Civil proceedings – contribute to a defence against damages claims; Coroner’s inquests; Contribute to a criminal proceedings defence; Ethical issues
  • Contractors / Supply chains

Unit DN2: Do – Controlling Workplace Health Issues (UK) – 125 Hours including 20 hours for the assessment.

  • Occupational health services / Equality in the workplace; Mental ill-health / Wellbeing / Workplace violence / Lone working; Health surveillance / Medical surveillance; Hazardous substances; Health risks from hazardous substances; Epidemiology and toxicology; Asbestos; Ventilation and PPE; Hazardous substances monitoring; Biological agents; Noise; Vibration; Radiation; Musculoskeletal issues / Manual handling; Workplace temperature / Welfare arrangements.

Unit DN3: Do – Controlling Workplace Safety Issues (UK) – 115 Hours including 20 hours for the assessment

Safe working environment; Confined spaces; Fire and explosion, Fire; Dangerous substances; Work equipment and machinery maintenance; Work equipment; Machinery; Mobile work equipment / Lifting equipment; Electricity; Construction / Work at height / Demolition / Excavation; Workplace transport / Work-related driving


  • Unit DN1 is assessed by an assignment (in four parts – simulations, workplace based activities, reflective tasks and a research project). Part of the assessment will require learners to undertake some workplace-based activities so need to ensure that they select a suitable workplace/organisation.
  • Units DN2 & DN3 are assessed by a case study

Assessments will be available twice a year for each unit, with around 2-4 weeks (dependant on the unit) allowed to complete the assignment and return them to NEBOSH.


There no formal entry requirements for this qualification, however learners should consider that this is professional level qualification, equivalent to SCQF Level 10. Achievement of the NEBOSH National General Certificate, or direct equivalent, prior to undertaking the Diploma course is highly recommended.

It is also vital that learners have an appropriate standard of English language in order to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus.

NEBOSH recommends that learners undertaking this qualification should reach a minimum standard of English equivalent to an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 7.0 or higher in IELTS tests.

As a NEBOSH Gold Learning partner, Compass has greatly exceeded NEBOSH’s learning excellence principles, by committing to:

1. Ensuring you understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from Compass.

2. Creating a learning environment that is engaging and encourages interaction that is appropriate for the course and type of delivery.

3. Providing accurate course materials and continually updating and improving them.

4. Ensuring tutors are qualified, knowledgeable, competent and engaging.

5. Giving you feedback on your progress and providing appropriate support.

6. Reviewing course delivery and your feedback and actioning as necessary.

Course dates can be booked altogether or module by module.

DN1 Week 1 – 12th – 16th February

DN1 Week 2 – 4th – 8th March

DN1 exam – 13th March

DN2 Week 1 – 15th – 19th April

DN2 Week 2 – 29th April – 3rd May

DN2 exam – 15th May

DN3 Week 1 – 17th – 21st June

DN3 Week 2 – 8th – 12th July

DN3 exam – 17th July

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Are accreditation and examination fees included?

Not if you choose eLearning or distance learning options – you will need to book your examination seperately.  Information on how to do this will be provided as part of your course.  If you attend our classroom course accreditation fees and certification fees are included in the course price.

What payment plan options are available?

Call us on 03333580340 to discuss our flexible payment plans tailored to you at 0% interest.

Which learning option is right for me?

With so many providers offering so many different learning options, it’s easy to get confused. Let us simplify it for you!

Classroom hybrid – We highly reccomend this option to learners who want to get the most out of their learning. This option allows you to attend a block classroom course in person, in Chorley, Lancashire. You will also get an option to attend virtually through video link if you are unable to attend in person for any reason (e.g. unforseen circumstances such as car breakdown, childcare issues), as well as access to our online learning platform, which can be accessed before the course start date to give yourself a head start.

As well as being able to learn in a peaceful environment suited for studying, you will also be able to develop a rapport with your tutor and benefit from in-person tutor support, which many students find invaluable for a NEBOSH course. Attending an in-person course with other learners will also give you the opportunity to network with other health & safety professionals from other industries.

Virtual – For learners who still want real time tutor support and the benefits of a tutor-led classroom but are unable to attend in person, our virtual classroom is reccomended. You will be given access to our virtual classroom, where you will be able to watch a live block classroom course take place from the comfort of your own home, or office. You will still be able to take part in classroom discussions and activities as long as you have the use of a webcam and microphone. Like our classroom hybrid option, our virtual option will allow you access to our online learning platform, which can be accessed before the course start date to give yourself a head start.

eLearning – You may consider eLearning if you are self-motivated and disciplined and perhaps work schedules do not allow you to take time out for a classroom course, or you are a looking for a budget alternative to classroom courses.

Our two eLearning packagaes give you full access to our online learning platform, but you will not recieve real- time tutor support. Our Lite package covers learning materials only, with no tutor support whatsoever and exam fees are not included. Our Plus package gives you access to tutor feedback on mock assignments, and exam fees are included within the price.

I have dyslexia, or other needs, is there any support available?
We can make reasonable adjustment to support your specific needs: Policy and Procedure for Access Arrangements, Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration
I have a physical disability, what facilities do you have?

Our training centre in Chorley is fully accessible with the main training room located on the ground floor. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor and a wheelchair accessible lift to the first floor.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, for our hybrid classroom courses within the cost of the course there is a buffet lunch, hot and cold drinks and biscuits.

How long will I need to wait for my certificate?
The certificates are sent from NEBOSH and can take up to 10 weeks.
What if I do not pass the exam?

Dependant on the result, in line with NEBOSH criteria, it may only be a resit of one component:

Any other faqs?
When will I find out if I have passed?
NEBOSH will notify learners directly of the assessment results.

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