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Please watch this short introduction to your qualification with Compass.  You can see copies of policies and procedures here.

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Please click on this link to give us the correct personal details we will need to register you with the awarding body.

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Please complete this information to give your Assessor a better understanding of what you need.

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For each unit you will see some handouts and/or recommended reading material.  These aren’t mandatory but if you are less experienced and knowledgeable in certain areas you may benefit from additional reading and learning.

The CIOB publication ‘Site Management and Production’ is a useful resource you may consider purchasing and using for reference.  It can be purchased here from CIOB Academy.

CIOB Academy also offers many courses, some of them free of charge, to help develop skills for construction so it is worth having a look at.  Don’t forget to use your discount code if you have membership.

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If your ultimate aim is to achieve your Black CSCS Card once you have completed your NVQ Level 6 – you will also need to have passed your CSCS Managers and Professional Test.  Click here for details on how to book this test at a centre near you.  If you want to apply for a temporary Red CSCS card before you have finished your NVQ, you will also need to have passed this test, and will need confirmation of your registration from our customer service team.  Please email us as training@compass-ms.co.uk when you have passed your CSCS test and we will send you a  confirmation letter including your registration details.  You will need to upload this confirmation letter, along with your test pass details to CSCS during your online application which you make here.

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If your ultimate aim is to achieve CIOB Membership, now is as good a time as any to make a start.  Student membership to CIOB costs £100 per year (as of 01/08/21) and will give you access to resources and events to build your career and enhance your development.  This isn’t mandatory for your NVQ but is a worthwhile investments.  Click here for further information.

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The qualification you will be completing is the NOCN_Cskills Awards Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management – Building and Civil Engineering.  Please click here to see the full version of the standards that your Assessor will use to map your work against.

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