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Face Fit Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The tester will ask you questions about the job you do and what respiratory hazards you are exposed to. A sensitivity test will be carried out – which will include wearing the hood and a weak solutions being sprayed – one the individual tastes the solutions the tester will know how sensitive they are and the number of sprays to be used for the actual test. The tester will then ask the individual to put on their mask and will check that the mask is put on correctly. The fit test will then be carried out  – again wearing the hood with the tester spraying the solution into the hood every 30 seconds while asking the individual to perform a variety of simple tasks – normal breathing, deep breathing, moving head up and down etc. If at any point during the test the individual can taste the solution the mask has failed.

The test will take around 20 minutes per person – this will include making sure the mask is put on correctly, the sensitivity test and the test itself.

You must be clean-shaven for the tester to perform the test. The test cannot be carried out within 30-40 minutes after eating, drinking or smoking.

Close-fitting respiratory protection relies on the seal around the individual’s mouth and nose. If there is any facial hair this could breach the seal resulting in a fail of the face fit test but also resulting in adequate respiratory protection.

Tell the tester and they will check the mask.

Close-fitting respiratory protection is not suitable for you. You should speak to your employer about alternative type of RPE.

It is a harmless bitter tasting solution called Bitrex.